Book Of Caverns

by Book Of Caverns

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Originally released on tape via Bart Records in run of 100. 100 different hand painted covers and anchor die-cut slip cover.


released May 1, 2011



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Book Of Caverns Edmonton, Alberta

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Track Name: Born Of Salt
I was born with salt in my eyes, with salt in my lungs, salt in my heart, and I've been drowning since.
Born with the bends, and gasping for air to a father, ignored.
I want to believe that the world isn't cursed but I was wrong.
Track Name: Leviathan
I've always been worth my weight in water, meaningless and obtuse.
And though giants lumber through thick fog, they make not a sound.
Tell the children it's time to go, tell the mothers to drown their young.
Sleeping giants lie, sleeping fathers die.
Be not a man, but a ghost
Slip silently and serenely into the sea.
I want my dear, my dear to return me to the salt from where I came.
Track Name: Tuxedo Mask
One year from now, everything changes.
These homes sit quiet and pensive.
The floorboards creak, anticipation.
How can I let myself take on this role,
With no bearing with no soul
A blind and broken sailor lost at sea.
I am the father, he is the son, he is the father, I am the son.
I am the father, he is the son, he is the father, I am not the one.
Lost at sea, forever drifting,
Lost at sea, forever sinking
I've failed so many times, I've failed you so many times.
A blind, broken sailor, bravely burning out at sea.
Track Name: Shorelines
I can no longer tend to your wounds,
I can no longer fend off the night.
We've all dug graves and we've all bled for it.
We've all reached for the shore.
Your choice to embrace the deep is something I can't live with.
I'm shaking in the damp cold night,
You'll ruin me before the evening's through.
Close those tired eyes. I'll wipe the brine from both of our faces.
I've watched you leave so many times, but never watched you fade away.
I have traced shorelines on your face and watched the drowning sink in your eyes.
Track Name: Ocean Rites
Leave me my wife
in the cold stinging surf.
Set my body ablaze, for its the first warmth I've felt.
All these wasted years, 40 cold years.
All these wasted years, Have come to pass.
Bury my heart at sea, and mark your brow with my ashes.
Tell my children I tried to love them. The best that I could.
Return my soul to the sea, and my body to the depths.
I loved you. The best that I could.
I know you'll be ok. I know you'll move right on.
Underwater I breathe, Underwater I drown.
There's no love in the depths, no love in this heart.
I died with salt in my eyes, with salt in my lungs, salt in my heart.